THUNDERGYPSY was conceived during a chance encounter in 2013. One year later, the stars aligned and these 4 musicians with similar tastes in music and attitude towards performance formed THUNDERGYPSY. And they have been captivating audiences ever since! THUNDERGYPSY plays Soul Stirrin', Blues Rockin' music - an eclectic mix that spans the decades. The spirit of the Gypsies is evident in their music as they take you on a musical road trip from Atlanta’s Southern Soul to the rockin’ Blues in Macon, Ga., from the classic sound of the Memphis Blues along the streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter and even up to Chicago and St. Louis for their rocking electric Blues. By taking many familiar songs and intensifying the arrangements, THUNDERGYPSY has been mesmerizing Atlanta audiences since its inception.  

In August 2017, THUNDERGYPSY competed in and won the Atlanta Blues Challenge!  From there, they went on to participate in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN where they played on the legendary stage at B.B. King's Blues Club.  Between the Atlanta challenge and the IBC in Memphis, they moved into the recording studio and pumped out their self-titled debut album. Be one of the cool kids and get yours now!

"This CD proves that THUNDERGYPSY is a force to be reckoned with and that you need this in your collection. They can handle a variety of styles with ease and Atlanta can be proud to have them represent the city, but no matter what happens with the Challenge, this is a CD to savor." - Rhetta Akamatsu, Making a Scene.org


THUNDERGYPSY is comprised of Ken Williams on Drums, Richard Price on Guitar, Paul Allison on Keyboard/Organs, and Heather Statham on vocals.  This quartet delivers a full sound guaranteed to delight your ears and keep you dancing and grooving all night long.  Folks often say they’ve never seen a band having so much fun playing together as ThunderGypsy does!  If you haven't seen THUNDERGYPSY live yet, do yourself a favor and get to the next show!