Heather Statham and Richard Price bring you an unforgettable acoustic experience, blending soulful vocals and masterful guitar with blues, rock, and timeless hits! 


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Introducing THUNDERGYPSY Unplugged:

Dive into a musical journey with THUNDERGYPSY Unplugged, where Heather Statham's soulful vocals and Richard Price's masterful guitar prowess converge in a captivating acoustic experience. Heather, a seasoned performer from Georgia, brings her theatrical flair and vocal coaching finesse to every intimate setting. Her passion for storytelling through music, cultivated on stages from New York City to regional theatres, now finds its purest expression in the acoustic realm of THUNDERGYPSY Unplugged.

Richard, hailing from Texas with a background steeped in blues and jazz legends, adds his guitar virtuosity and occasional saxophone melodies to the duo's rich repertoire. Together, they craft a musical tapestry that spans genres, from heartfelt renditions of classic blues to soul-stirring interpretations of timeless hits. Whether serenading audiences with stripped-down ballads or infusing acoustic magic into familiar favorites, THUNDERGYPSY Unplugged promises an unforgettable experience perfect for any occasion.

Join Heather and Richard as they redefine acoustic performance, blending nostalgia with innovation, inviting you to rediscover the magic of live music, one acoustic note at a time.

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